Accommodation and Directions

Here you will find information on camping sites, hotels and other accommodation. Due to high season, please make your arrangements as soon as possible.

Name Contact
Tourismusverband Neusiedl am See
Untere Hauptstraße 7
7100 Neusiedl am See
0043 (0) 2167-2229
Neusiedler See Tourismus
Obere Hauptstraße 24
7100 Neusiedl am See
0043 (0) 2167-8600

Camping will be possible next to the indoor swimming pool, there is a fee per person. Electric power will be provided for a fee as well.
If you arrive from the west:
Take the motorway A1, pass around Vienna to the right, follow the motorway A21 (Vienna-Airport ‘Schwechat’ and Graz) - continue on the S1 (bypass Vienna south) to ‘Flughafen/Bratislava/Slowakei/Ungarn/Budapest’ - at junction ‘Knoten Schwechat’ take the A4/E58/S1 to ‘Flughafen/Bratislava/Slowakei/Ungarn/Budapest’ – exit 43 = ‘Neusiedl am See’
If you arrive from the north:
Take the motorway A22 to Vienna – at junction ‘Kaisermühlen’ keep right and follow the sign A23 to ‘BudapestA1/A2/A21/Graz/Linz/A4/Handelskai/B14/Flughafen’ - take exit ‘Alt Simmering’ to ‘Budapest/Flughafen/Bratislava/Slowakei/Ungarn to the A4 – exit 43 = ‘Neussiedl am See’
During the Neusiedl city festival there will be significant delays. Some roads will be turned into one-way streets. We therefor recommend to arrive early enough or to take the exit ‘Weiden/Gols/’ which follows the exit ‘Neusiedl am See’ and to approach Neusiedl from the east.
If you arrive by train:
Take the fast train departing Vienna central station via Vienna South-Station. At hourly intervals there will be the opportunity to travel to ‘Neusiedl am See’.
If you arrive by plane:
Vienna International Airport, it is located approximately 35 km (28 mls.) away from Neusiedl. Transfer is possible by Taxi or Bus.